Our Mission

For Bareboaters

The goal for our guests aboard Rochelle is to instill in them the essentials of living aboard a bareboat in the Virgin Islands, and have fun doing it! If you have personally accomplished the practical experience of sailing and know the basics of sailboat handling, your charter on Rochelle should give the knowledge and confidence you need to "bareboat" in the Virgins by yourself. We feel it is important not only to show you how to sail from one anchorage to another, but to introduce you to the opportunities ashore for exploration and entertainment. Of course there are practical boat handling tips you'll learn, like water, refrigeration, battery, anchoring and mooring management or customs and immigration procedures and trip planning, all of which are important to ensure you a stress free charter. We do want you to have the opportunity to learn as much as you can while aboard Rochelle, but there are no formal classes or exams. We are informal and practice a see one, do one method of teaching. So, ask questions, be ambitious, pitch in and help wherever you have an interest, be it planning the itinerary, piloting the boat, preparing food or cleaning and maintenance and above all, have fun doing it!

For Novices and Non-Sailors

So you don't know anything about sailing? We don't even rule you out if you are an "armchair sailor". We still want you to have the best time of your life while aboard. So let us know if you want to be a spectator during your cruise. We can handle that, no problem. However do be prepared to live on a boat. Where your quarters may seem cramped compared to your home or condo; your bunk won't be as large as your bed at home; you'll need to be careful with water and ice usage; you won't have air-conditioning at night (but you will have to careful with water and ice usage; you won't have air-conditioning at night (but you will have an open hatch over your head with stars to look at when you fall asleep_; we will eat simple foods (if you want to cook, you can, or I'll do it all_; you may get hot or wet and feel uncomfortable at times and you will need to get in and out of the dingy to find your way ashore. In all seriousness, if you and/or your spouse have issues or doubts about living on a boat, or have physical limitations or preferences, discuss these with me beforehand so we can make special arrangements so you won't be disappointed during your charter. Our ambition is to teach people to "bareboat" but we still have a great time with "lubbers" too, just as long as they understand that this won't be a "Princess Cruise!"